What Is Audiology

Acknowledgement: The following information is taken form the American Academy of Audiology website at www.audiology.org

Audiology is the profession specializing in evaluation and treatment of people with hearing loss.  Our physicians have extensive training and skills to evaluate the hearing of adults, infants and children of all ages. We conduct a wide variety of tests to determine the exact nature of an individual’s hearing problem. We dispense and fit hearing aids, administer tests of balance to evaluate dizziness, and provide hearing rehabilitation training. Our physicians conduct medical or surgical intervention when necessary.

Hearing loss is caused by medical problems about 10% of the time.  Most persons with hearing impairment can benefit from the use of hearing aids, and experts are knowledgeable about the latest applications of hearing aid technology.

Hearing services for infants and children.    Good hearing is essential to the social and intellectual development of infants and young children.  We test hearing and identify hearing loss in children of any age. This includes newborn and infant hearing screenings and diagnostic hearing tests with young children.  We provide hearing therapy and fit hearing aids on babies and young children with hearing loss.

Services for school children.   Our physicians provide a full range of hearing and rehabilitative hearing services in private and public schools for students in all grades. Such services are essential to the development of speech, language and learning skills in children with hearing problems.

Hearing services and counseling.    Our physicians are vitally concerned that every person, regardless of age, benefit from good hearing. We provide individual counseling to help those with hearing loss function more effectively in social, educational and occupational environments.

Hearing aid and assistive listening devices.    We provide complete hearing aid services to patients with hearing problems. Our staff are also experts with assistive listening equipment and personal alerting devices. We provide education and training so that persons with hearing impairment can benefit from amplification and communication devices. We use the most advanced, computerized procedures to individualize the fitting of hearing aids. Hearing aid options are thoroughly discussed with each potential user based on the results of a complete hearing aid test battery and the individual needs of each patient. Follow-up care and hearing aid accessories are routinely available from dispensing physician.

More than 24 million Americans have some type of hearing problem. Hearing difficulties are often unrecognized by the person involved. Children and teenagers seldom complain about the symptoms of hearing loss, and adults may lose their hearing so gradually that they do not realize it is happening. The first step in treatment of a hearing problem is a hearing evaluation by an ENT physician.

We are dedicated to helping persons overcome hearing impairments.

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